About AV Industry Danmark

AV Industry A/S, Denmark is part of French based AV Industry SARL – Manufacturer and distributor of multiple premium brands: NorStone, Ateca, Tangent, Opalum, Eltax, Highland, Elipson, Lumene, and Instaal.

In addition to our own brands AV Industry A/S in Denmark also acts as distributor for other brands in Denmark and Scandinavia. 

As the leading hifi and consumer electronics distributor in Denmark we cover all distribution channels within high end audio and CE as well as telco, sports, and other associated channels. 


Own Brands


Since 1996 Tangent has created unique audio products that appeal to both eye and ear. And who has won numerous international tests – in addition to thousands of hearts. Whatever Tangent product you choose, you are therefore sure to get uncompromised sound, full of character, design, and ease of use.


Opalum’s loudspeakers combine surprisingly full-bodied sound with a unique thin design that opens up a wide range of new opportunities and gives you greater freedom when furnishing your home.


With a history of nearly 80 years in the sound reproduction, Elipson offers you a range of speakers, electronis, and turntables for the most demanding users, both at design level and sound reproduction.


NorStone is a French company known for producing high-quality audio-video furniture and accessories. Headquartered in France, the company is renowned for its elegant and contemporary design philosophy that merges functionality and aesthetics.

NorStone's product line includes a wide range of equipment, from speaker stands, AV racks, and TV stands to cables and other accessories. Each product is meticulously designed to provide optimum performance and enhance the overall user experience while complementing modern interiors.


Lumene, a leading brand in projection screens, offers optimal display solutions for all settings, from home theaters to professional venues. Renowned for their high-quality manufacturing and innovative designs, Lumene screens ensure a superior visual experience. With AV Industry and Lumene, Danish viewers can enjoy vivid, lifelike images, elevating their viewing experience to new heights. Experience the Lumene difference, and bring the cinema home.


Quality projection screens at affordable prices. Instaal offer a competitive range of manual and motorized screens for home and commercial use. 


Eltax was founded by Ingemann Marius Nielsen in Herning in 1959 as a wholesale dealer to the Hi-Fi industri. In the early 60’ when the introduction of Hi-Fi stereo created a bigger demand for stand alone speakers, Eltax was one of first Danish companies to make stand alone speakers.

Distribution Brands


Pro-Ject Audio Systems is the world leader within turnstables and accessories for turntables. Furthermore Pro-Ject manufactures a wide range of electronics such as receivers, CD players, stream boxes, amplificers etc. AV Industry is the official Pro-Ject distributor in Denmark.


Cambridge Audio is based in London UK where the brand for more than 50 years have been developing high quality audio products. AV Industry distributes Cambridge in Denmark.


AV Industry is proud to be the distributor in Denmark for the iconic American speaker brand, Klipsch. Since its inception in 1946, Klipsch has set the gold standard for high-quality sound, delivering a truly immersive audio experience to audiophiles worldwide. Renowned for their extraordinary craftsmanship, unique acoustic technology, and timeless design, Klipsch speakers are the embodiment of a pure and powerful sound. With AV Industry and Klipsch, Danish music lovers can now experience the unparalleled sonic performance that has made Klipsch legendary. Join us in embracing the authentic, crystal-clear sound that has made Klipsch a revered name in the global audio industry.


AV Industry is the authorized distributor of Onkyo in Denmark. Onkyo, a renowned Japanese audio brand, combines advanced technology with rich tradition to produce sound systems that deliver exceptional audio quality. With a unique blend of precision and style, Onkyo promises a superior sound experience for all Danish audio enthusiasts, courtesy of AV Industry. Explore the excellence of Onkyo, and bring the harmony of art and technology into your home.


Integra, recognized for its high-performance audio and video solutions, is distributed in Denmark by AV Industry. Born from a rich heritage of precision and innovation, Integra crafts products that set the standard in home theater and multi-room entertainment. Every Integra component integrates seamlessly into your environment, delivering unparalleled sound and visual experiences. Danish customers, through AV Industry, can now tap into the technological excellence that Integra brings to every living room. Explore the Integra realm and experience true audiovisual artistry.


Covering the Nordic region, AV Industry is the official distributor of Monster Cable, a trusted name in high-performance audio and video cables. Monster Cable is renowned for its superior quality, delivering clear, detailed, and vibrant audio-visual experiences. Whether you're an audiophile, cinema lover, or professional, Monster Cable ensures your equipment performs at its peak. Thanks to AV Industry, customers in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland can now elevate their sound and vision with Monster Cable's dedication to precision and quality. Experience the Monster Cable difference and let your entertainment come alive.


AV Industry proudly serves as the Danish distributor for Pioneer, a global leader in electronics technology. Pioneer is acclaimed for its innovative audio and video products that fuse advanced technology with outstanding sound and image quality. Whether for home, car, or professional use, Pioneer's reliable offerings stand as a testament to their commitment to enhancing our multimedia experiences. Through AV Industry, Pioneer's trailblazing technology is available to all Danish customers, amplifying their enjoyment of sound and vision. Discover the power of Pioneer and elevate your audiovisual journey.


AV Industry is a proud distributor of Sonus faber in Denmark. Sonus faber, an acclaimed Italian brand, crafts premium audio equipment that perfectly marries traditional artisan craftsmanship with state-of-the-art acoustics. Each product is a testament to a rich heritage of music and design, offering not just superior sound but also a visually stunning addition to any space. Danish music lovers now have access to this fine symphony of sound and style, courtesy of AV Industry. Experience the exquisite world of Sonus faber and let your music take center stage.


Wiim's multiroom products can be connected over a Wi-Fi network. This allows users to stream synchronized music or audio to multiple rooms or zones within their home. The system often offers features such as app control, streaming from popular music services, voice assistant integration, and the ability to create a whole-home audio setup.

By leveraging Linkplay's technology, Wiim aims to provide consumers with an easy-to-use and seamless multiroom audio experience, allowing them to enjoy synchronized music playback throughout their home with convenience and flexibility.


AV Industry A/S is proud to serve as the official distributor of Eversolo products in Denmark. Known for their innovative audio technology and superior sound quality, Eversolo offers a range of high-performance audio solutions. Visit our website or contact us to learn more about Eversolo's offerings.


As the distributor for Ruark in Denmark, we at AV Industry are incredibly excited to bring their exceptional audio products to the Danish market. Ruark has been in the business for a little over thirty years, and their passion for unparalleled sound quality and design is as strong today as it was at the outset. Their timeless and elegant design principles have remained constant, while the technology within their products has evolved over time.


AV Industry distributes Jamo, a popular Danish audio brand, known for its seamless blend of sleek design and high-quality sound. Rooted in Danish design tradition, Jamo delivers audio solutions that not only sound excellent but also enhance the aesthetics of any living space. Jamo's innovative approach to sound brings music and movies to life, providing an immersive audio experience. With AV Industry, this harmony of style and performance is now accessible to all audio enthusiasts. Explore the Jamo range and experience the beauty of sound and design united.


In partnership with Lithe Audio, AV Industry brings to Denmark a new level of wireless sound technology. Lithe Audio, a pioneering UK-based company, offers award-winning integrated audio solutions that combine seamless streaming with high-quality sound. Their innovative products, including Bluetooth ceiling speakers and Wi-Fi multi-room speakers, are designed for easy installation and deliver immersive, room-filling sound. Through AV Industry, the convenience and exceptional audio quality of Lithe Audio is within reach for Danish customers, offering a truly modern and seamless audio experience. Dive into the world of Lithe Audio and transform the way you listen.


AV Industry is pleased to distribute Q Acoustics in Denmark. Q Acoustics, a leading UK audio brand, is renowned for its innovative design and superior sound quality. Committed to audio perfection, Q Acoustics offers a range of speakers that deliver clear, powerful, and immersive audio experiences for music and home cinema enthusiasts. Danish customers can now enjoy the precision and brilliance of Q Acoustics' sound technology.


AV Industry brings the cutting-edge technology of FiiO to Denmark. FiiO, a global leader in the personal audio equipment industry, is dedicated to creating high-quality products that deliver superior sound experiences. Known for their innovative portable audio devices, including headphones, digital converters, and amplifiers, FiiO is synonymous with accessible, high-fidelity audio. With AV Industry, Danish audiophiles can immerse themselves in the pristine sound and advanced design that FiiO offers. Step into the future of personal audio with FiiO and elevate your listening experience.


AV Industry distributes Sumiko's exceptional phono cartridges to the Danish market. Sumiko, highly respected in the audio world, is dedicated to enhancing the vinyl listening experience with its carefully crafted cartridges. Celebrated for their ability to reveal delicate nuances, warmth, and dynamic range, Sumiko cartridges breathe life into every record. Danish vinyl enthusiasts can now enhance their turntable's performance with Sumiko's outstanding craftsmanship and sonic accuracy, courtesy of AV Industry. Dive into the world of Sumiko and discover the richness of vinyl like never before.


Offering the finest in cable technology, AV Industry brings QED, the acclaimed UK-based brand, to Denmark. Renowned for their high-quality audio and video cables, QED ensures maximum signal integrity for an enhanced audio-visual experience. Whether for stereo interconnects or speaker cables, QED stands as the preferred choice for audiophiles and home cinema lovers. Experience the true potential of your entertainment system with the precision and clarity that QED cables offer, all available through AV Industry. Elevate your entertainment with QED and feel the difference.


Goldring, a prestigious brand in the world of vinyl playback, is brought to Denmark by AV Industry. Known for their high-quality phono cartridges, Goldring enhances the turntable experience with products that extract every musical detail from your vinyl records. With a rich heritage of over 100 years, Goldring cartridges deliver a sound that is detailed, warm, and full of life. Danish vinyl enthusiasts can now enjoy the superior sound reproduction of Goldring, courtesy of AV Industry. Experience the remarkable quality of Goldring and rediscover the magic of vinyl.


AV Industry introduces PMC, a distinguished British brand, to Denmark. PMC is renowned for its professional studio monitors and high-end home speakers, offering an audio experience that's as close to the original recording as possible. Their advanced designs, incorporating proprietary ATL™ (Advanced Transmission Line) technology, deliver deep, precise bass and detailed, balanced sound. Whether for music production or home listening, PMC provides unparalleled sonic purity. Thanks to AV Industry, Danish audiophiles can now experience the authentic, studio-quality sound of PMC. Explore the realm of PMC and feel the music as the artist intended.


Sivga & Sendy are both made with passion for sound. The brands design and handmake hifi headphones for the audiofile consumers. AV Industry is distributor for Sivga and Sendy in Scandinavia.


AV Industry proudly distributes ArtSound, a Belgian brand known for their smart and aesthetic audio solutions. ArtSound's range includes built-in speakers, amplifiers, and accessories designed to integrate seamlessly into any setting. They are committed to making high-quality audio accessible and easy to use, without compromising on style. Through AV Industry, Danish customers can now enrich their environments with ArtSound's innovative blend of design and sound. Discover ArtSound's world where the art of sound meets the ease of smart design.


AV Industry brings the iconic brand Aiwa to Denmark. Known for their wide range of consumer electronics, Aiwa has made significant contributions to the audio world over the years. Their products, including speakers, headphones, and home audio systems, are designed to deliver a powerful, dynamic sound experience. Aiwa's commitment to quality and affordability makes it a preferred choice for many music enthusiasts. With AV Industry, Danish customers can now enjoy the robust sound and reliable performance that Aiwa products offer. Step into the exciting audio world of Aiwa and experience music in its full essence.


Spectral is a renowned German manufacturer specializing in the production of high-quality furniture and stands for AV equipment. With a focus on innovation, functionality, and design, Spectral has become a leading brand in the industry.

Spectral's range of furniture and stands is designed to provide practical and stylish solutions for organizing and showcasing AV setups. They offer a wide variety of customizable options, allowing customers to personalize their furniture to suit their specific needs and preferences.

One of the standout features of Spectral products is their attention to detail and craftsmanship. Each piece is meticulously crafted using premium materials to ensure durability and longevity. Spectral also integrates smart solutions such as cable management systems, adjustable shelves, and ventilation options, optimizing the performance and functionality of AV equipment.

In addition to their functional benefits, Spectral's furniture and stands boast a sleek and contemporary aesthetic. The company consistently stays ahead of design trends, blending form and function to create visually appealing pieces that seamlessly integrate into modern living spaces.

Spectral is committed to providing an exceptional customer experience, from the initial design stage to the final product. Their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has earned them a loyal following of AV enthusiasts and professionals around the world.

Overall, Spectral's furniture and stands offer a perfect blend of functionality, style, and craftsmanship, making them a go-to choice for those seeking premium solutions for their AV equipment needs.


Since its inception in 1926, Leica has been at the forefront of optical innovation. Renowned for introducing the world's first mass-produced projector for 35mm film, closely following the debut of their pioneering 35mm camera, Leica has consistently set the bar for quality and ingenuity in imaging technology.

With over 80 years of experience in crafting slide projectors, Leica made a significant leap in 2008 with the launch of the Pradovit D-1200, their first foray into the digital projector market. Today, Leica continues to innovate within the industry, marking its presence in the rapidly expanding realm of digital Ultra-Short-Throw (UST) projectors through its subsidiary, Leica Smart Projection GmbH.

Embracing a future where premium digital and smart projectors take center stage, Leica Smart Projection GmbH, under the umbrella of Leica Camera AG, focuses on the development, manufacture, and international distribution of top-tier projection solutions. With products like the LEICA CINE 1, they blend Leica's legacy of high-end performance with contemporary technology to offer unparalleled visual experiences.

AV Industry is proud to be the Scandinavian distributor of Leica projectors, bringing a touch of historical excellence to the Scandinavian market. With Leica's visionary products and AV Industry's dedicated service, we are setting a new standard for cinematic and projection quality in the region.