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AV Industry A/S, Denmark is part of French based AV Industry SARL – Manufacturer and distributor of multiple premium brands: NorStone, Ateca, Tangent, Opalum, Eltax, Highland, Elipson, Lumene, and Instaal.

In addition to our own brands AV Industry A/S in Denmark also acts as distributor for other brands in Denmark and Scandinavia. 

As one of the leading consumer electronics distributors in Denmark we cover all distribution channels within CE as well as telco, sports, and other associated channels. 

In House Brands

Since 1996 Tangent has created unique audio products that appeal to both eye and ear. And who has won numerous international tests – in addition to thousands of hearts. Whatever Tangent product you choose, you are therefore sure to get uncompromised sound, full of character, design, and ease of use.

Opalum’s loudspeakers combine surprisingly full-bodied sound with a unique thin design that opens up a wide range of new opportunities and gives you greater freedom when furnishing your home.

With a history of nearly 80 years in the sound reproduction, Elipson offers you a range of speakers, electronis, and turntables for the most demanding users, both at design level and sound reproduction.

NorStone Design combines practical and aesthetic with exemplary build quality. Whether for furniture, materials or cables, each detail is carefully studied to combine technology, reliability and design.

Eltax was founded by Ingemann Marius Nielsen in Herning in 1959 as a wholesale dealer to the Hi-Fi industri. In the early 60’ when the introduction of Hi-Fi stereo created a bigger demand for stand alone speakers, Eltax was one of first Danish companies to make stand alone speakers.

The leading brand in home-theater screens in France. Lumene offers middle and high-end screens for all purposes. 

Quality projection screens at affordable prices. Instaal offer a competitive range of manual and motorized screens for home and commercial use. 

Distribution Brands

Pro-Ject Audio Systems is the world leader within turnstables and accessories for turntables. Furthermore Pro-Ject manufactures a wide range of electronics such as receivers, CD players, stream boxes, amplificers etc. AV Industry is the official Pro-Ject distributor in Denmark. 

Cambridge Audio is based in London UK where the brand for more than 50 years have been developing high quality audio products. AV Industry distributes Cambridge in Denmark and Sweden. 

In 1946 Paul W. Klipsch, inventor, acoustics pioneer and maverick, founded Klipsch Audio with the sole purpose of bringing the power, detail and emotion of the live music experience into his living room. Through the use of highly efficient speaker designs, handcrafted cabinetry and a thirst for real engineering breakthroughs – Klipsch, the great American loudspeaker company, was born in Hope, AR. Today, our diverse range of quality audio products includes speakers and headphones for almost any consumer and professional application – including cinema, whole-house, wireless, home theater and portable offerings. Honoring our founder’s legacy, Klipsch continues to be the legendary high-performance brand of choice for audiophiles and aficionados around the world. As Klipsch says: We are the Keepers of the Sound®.

ONKYO: For more than a century Onkyo has created hifi products in high quality. Today Onkyo is part of the Premium Audio Company group. AV Industry is distributor for Onkyo in Denmark.

PIONEER: The founder Nozomu Matsumoto developed the industry’s first Hi-Fi dynamic speaker in 1937.
The following year, he founded Fukuin Shokai Denki Seisakusho, a private entity and the predecessor of Pioneer Corporation.
Pioneer continue to push the boundaries of sound. AV Industry is distributor of Pioneer in Denmark.

Integra has been synonymous with high fidelity since 1969, when the name identified industry-leading flagship amplifiers. Thirty years later in 1999, Integra launched as a standalone brand dedicated to emerging home installation markets with a range of solutions that dealers and installers could stake their reputations on. AV Industry is distributing Integra in Denmark.

Monster: For the past 40+ years, Monster® has been a catalyst for innovation and big ideas. Monster® continues to lead in innovation with Monster having been granted over 500 Patents and 100 patents pending worldwide, offering more than 5,000 products in over 160 countries. AV Industry is the official distributor for Monster in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland. 

Sonus faber is Italian craftsmanship at its best: “Our handmade musical instruments are true to Italian expertise. We invest them with an unforgettable voice that immerses you in a natural sound experience.

We are creative technicians, inventors of cutting edge design solutions. Every single detail is so carefully planned that our products become
everlasting works of art.”

Since 1968, Jamo has been at the forefront of the acclaimed Danish audio industry, consistently focusing on style, simplicity and functionality when designing its speakers, electronics, control systems and accessories for residential and commercial applications. Operating in more than 80 countries, Jamo also takes pride in how its products seamlessly adapt and integrate into various environments, reflecting the different ways the world listens

Powergrip is a very focused brand. They clean power. They a few selected products the brand is dedicated to clean power for high end audio. 

Lithe Audio is a UK based brand who develops and markets clever audio solutions that solve many commen audio challenges. Most known products are the bluetooth and wifi based active in-ceiling loadspeakers. AV Industry distributes Lithe Audio across Scandinavia. 

Q Acoustics is a fairly young UK based brand established in 2006. Still anyone who reads audio magazines know the brand well as the Q Acoustics has been very well received by the critics and won a range of awards. 

FiiO is one of the leading Chinese brands within high end audio. All products are made with sound in high quality in mind and has won a range of awards within the audio industry. AV Industry is distributing FiiO in Denmark. 

Sumiko is based in America and makes cartridges for turntables. Everything from entry level and up to the more audiofile MC cartridges. 

QED has been making high quality cables since 1973. The UK based brand is among the biggest brands worldwide within audio cables. AV Industry distributes QED in Denmark. 

Goldring has since 1906 made great british sound. AV Industry distributes the high quality Goldring cartridges and accessories in Denmark.

PMC was founded in 1991 by Peter Thomas of the BBC and Adrian Loader of FWO Bauch. The combination of knowledge and a life-long passion for music led to the production of PMC’s first product, the BB5-A, an active main studio monitor. PMC produces their products in the UK where the family owned company is based.

Sivga & Sendy are both made with passion for sound. The brands design and handmake hifi headphones for the audiofile consumers. AV Industry is distributor for Sivga and Sendy in Scandinavia.

Velodyne Acoustics was founded in 1983 as a subwoofer manufacturer. Today Velodyne stays true to the mission and is considered one of the worlds leading subwoofer manufacturers. AV Industry distributes Velodyne in Denmark.

Japanese based AIWA develops and manufactures a range of premium products at affordable prices. AV Industry is the Danish distributor of AIWA.

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